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6 tips to send Personalized Text Messages for Ecommerce

Published on:
August 25, 2022

Personalized Text Messages: How to Leverage

Many people think that personalization in marketing is just limited to using the first name of the users in your communication, but with companies having access to what the users do while they are on their apps, there is so much more that can be done. Smart segmentation can be created based on the identification of the needs of the users and relevant communications can be sent to the relevant audiences. This improves campaign results.

In this article, we will share some useful tips that will help you send personalized text messages to your potential customers.

Personalized Text vs Bots

Smartphones are now the primary medium for consuming content for many users. It almost feels that most of us are never really far from our mobile devices.

Personalized text messages are designed in a way that they look tailor-made to the specific needs of the end users.

Enabling one-to-one communication between the brands and the customers takes a good amount of resources and can be quite expensive to scale. To resolve this problem, bots are employed. Bots respond in real-time based on the keywords of responses from the customers.

Although very useful, bots lack human emotions and therefore make communication somewhat limited. Adding personalization to your text messaging can help you overcome this to an extent.

Tips to Send Personalized Text Messages

We now understand why personalization in text messaging is important in improving user engagement with your brand and in getting more conversions. 

So, where does one start? The first and foremost step is understanding your users. Get to know what they are looking for and design your campaigns according to that.

Let us go over some important tips that can help to improve marketing for your eCommerce site via personalized text messages:

Segment Customers

Segmentation is dividing the list of users into smaller segments or parts based on common characteristics which may be user behavior, demographics, psychographics, or geographics. From there, you can direct relevant campaigns to these users.

This makes your campaigns more efficient and improves ROI by engaging relevant people with relevant campaigns.

Conversational Tone

The problem with bots is that they lack the touch of human conversation in their tones. People like conversing with friends. Your communication should follow a similar tone.

It should ideally be a two-way conversation. Your users should have an option to reply to your messages.

Pro tip: Be empathetic in your conversations with users and do not take a lot of time to respond.

Select an Active Time

Your communication might be really good, but it will serve no purpose if the customer does not get to read it. This may happen if you are not aware of when your customers are active and will engage with you.

Pro tip: Always trigger your communication during business hours and be careful of timezones if your customers are present in other countries.

Make the Text Valuable for the Customers

Not enough importance has been given to the copy of the text that brands send to their customers. The whole purpose of segmenting your user list is to increase relevance. If your text message does not add value to the customers’ time, they might not bother to check future communications from your brand.

Ensure Opt-ins

Consent is very important in marketing. You should not just acquire a list of users from somewhere and start sending text messages to them. This is ethically and legally wrong.

You should have proper opt-in and opt-out mechanisms. Make sure it is easy for users to opt out of your messages if they do not wish to receive them. It is better to exclude these users than to increase dissatisfaction.

Powerful CTA

Calls-to-action enable a user to decide what they should do with the information that they just received from you. Your CTA should be direct, simple, yet powerful enough to get the desired action from the users.

Pro tip: Do not include too many CTAs as it confuses the users. Use shortened links to save space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is personalization important in sales?

Personalization can become an important competitive advantage for your brand. It increases customer engagement by offering relevant content to the relevant audience at the right time, therefore increasing conversions.

What can an online retail site do to increase personalization?

The first step is understanding the user’s needs. Once the needs are identified, segments need to be created. Post that, the online retail site needs to target these segments with relevant messages as per the tips discussed in the article above.