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7 Post Purchase Email Ideas You Need to Increase Sales

Published on:
July 18, 2022

What Are Post Purchase Emails

Post purchase emails are messages you send after your customers have purchased from you or even visited your ecommerce website. If done correctly, these emails can significantly increase your conversion rate and improve your sales. This article will explain post-purchase emails, why they work, and how to write them to achieve the best results possible.


Purpose of Post Purchase Emails Ecommerce

Post purchase emails are designed to keep customers coming back to your site. By sending a cart abandonment recovery email, you can remind customers of the items they left behind in their shopping cart.

A confirmation of shipment email helps build trust with customers by letting them know that their order is on its way.

By sending an e-commerce product review request, you can encourage customers to leave reviews and feedback about their purchases.


7 Best Post Purchase Email Examples

Consider these 7 best post-purchase email types when developing your post-purchase email campaigns. It will increase conversions, nurture customers, and lead to recurring sales.


Order Confirmation Emails / Thank You Emails

These are the first post-purchase emails you should send, and they should always be sent immediately after a purchase is made. They serve as confirmation of shipment. In addition to that, they're a great way to upsell or cross-sell ecommerce products. Ensure your order confirmation email contains compelling offers to encourage customers who may have left their cart behind.


Shipping Confirmation Emails

A shipping confirmation email is sent to a customer after completing a purchase, and their order has been shipped. This email reminds the customer that they have made a purchase and provides them with information on tracking their shipment. These emails are necessary to ensure the accuracy of the order. They'll soon get their order, and they'll know when to expect it. This is also an excellent post-purchase email that you can use to strengthen your relationships with your customers.


Review Request Emails

Review request emails are one way to obtain feedback from customers. These types of emails are sent after a customer has made a purchase and can include anything from confirmation of shipment to a cart abandonment recovery email. By sending review request emails, businesses can get an idea of what customers think of their products and services and make changes accordingly.


Product Recommendation & Cross Selling Emails

Product recommendations and cross-selling are excellent strategies to reintroduce a consumer to the purchasing cycle. By sending post-purchase emails, you can keep your brand top of mind and encourage customers to come back and buy from you again. The best strategy is to personalize these messages, so they feel they were sent just for them. The more personal you make it, the better your response rate with these e-commerce product recommendations and cross-selling email campaigns.

Know more about how to master product recommendation here

Loyalty Program Emails

A loyalty program email is sent to customers enrolled in your loyalty program. These emails provide your best customers with added value, such as exclusive discounts or early access to new products. By sending post-purchase emails, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while also reducing cart abandonment. Your loyalty program is the perfect time to send these post-purchase emails, so make sure they're a part of your marketing strategy!


Birthday & Milestone Emails

Birthday and milestone emails are a terrific way to create unique experiences for your consumers. Personalizing the email and making it about them can encourage loyalty and customer retention. Plus, including a discount or special offer will sweeten the deal! Include any related links that might interest you, such as an online store or blog. Crafting your message with sensitive words to acknowledge your customer's special day can enhance the customer experience and loyalty.


Win-back Emails

Win-back emails are designed to reach out to dormant clients. It usually offers a discount or incentive to get the customer to come back and buy from you again. They may also include content that reminds the customer of what they liked about your store in the first place. Win-back emails can be sent a few weeks after the customer has been inactive or even months later.


Additional Tips to Leverage Your Post Purchase Email Ideas

1. Timing is key—send your post-purchase emails as soon as possible after a customer completes a purchase.

2. Keep your post-purchase emails short, sweet, and to the point to avoid overwhelming customers with too much information at once.

3. Use images and videos in your post-purchase emails to help guide customers through using your product or service.

4. Include a link to your returns/exchange policy in every post-purchase email to set customer expectations.

5. Make sure you have the appropriate contact information on file for every customer who has purchased from you, so that they can be contacted easily by phone, email, or postal mail should they need assistance.

6. Remember that it's always okay to ask for feedback! Customers who are happy with their purchases will be more than happy to provide them!


How to set up a post-purchase email

Now that we’ve gone through what a post- purchase email is and how it can benefit your online business by retaining customers. Let’s go through how to set up post- purchase email campaign.

Segment your email list

You can set up your post- purchase email campaign by segmenting your email list depending on the drive you’ll be running and make sure you target your previous customers exclusively. Don’t forget that your goal is to promote loyalty with your existing customers.

Determine the goal for your post purchase email campaign

To foster customer loyalty, your goal must be to keep your previous customers coming back to you and keep buying from your online store repeatedly.

Write an excellent post- purchase email copy

A good email copy will encourage the customers to open it, read it, and take necessary action. Your goal determines the content of your post- purchase email. It should be clear to the recipients or customers what they need to act upon in every post- purchase email. Make your email copy simple and clear with a catchy subject line. You can add your company logo and promotional images if needed.

Set up your post-purchase email campaign

After you’re done with the abovementioned things, you can choose an email marketing platform and put everything together to create the campaign and test your emails. 

Analyze your post- purchase email campaign

After you’ve done setting up your campaign, wait for a few days to analyze your reports. You can check the following metrics:

  1. Open rate
  2. Click through rates
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Unsubscribe
  5. Conversions 

Observe these metrics and optimize your ecommerce email marketing campaigns accordingly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you engage customers post purchase?

You can engage your customers by sending them a thank you email, you can also ask them for feedback, provide shipping information and product guide etc.

How do you upsell an email?

Upsell emails are a simple yet very effective method to increase your average order value. You can send personalized greeting emails, suggest additional products based on their previous purchase and don’t forget to make upgrading as easy as possible.