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SMS Marketing Tips for Copywriting

Published on:
July 22, 2022

Understanding the Importance of Copywriting for SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, if done properly, has one of the highest open rates of all marketing channels. In most cases, it has > 95% opens. The user response is also swift.

The key here is to help the users with your messages rather than spam them with promotions they did not ask for. It all comes down to how well your SMS copy is written, and its key messaging. Opt-in mechanisms need to be strong to build a list to market to in the first place.

7 Effective SMS Marketing Tips for Copywriting

Squeezing the messaging to fit in 160 characters is an art in itself. There is a lot of thought that goes into SMS copyrighting, which is not limited to just keeping it short and relevant.

To help you ace your SMS game, we have made a list of 7 effective SMS marketing tips for copywriting:

Using one idea per SMS

Human beings have selective attention and retention spans. Your users already receive a lot of messages on their mobile phones each day. That's a lot of information to process. Therefore, the brain has been trained to filter out what is important from what is not.

You do not want the users to get confused about the purpose of the SMS communication. Keep it short, relevant, and limited with a single CTA.

Emphasizing a key benefit of your product

Competition exists in almost all industries. You need to give your customers a reason to engage with your brand rather than that of a competitor. Tell them how your product addresses a common problem that they might be facing for a long time. Highlight your USP and let the users make an informed decision based on that.

Always include a call-to-action in your messaging.

Using simple language

Nobody likes having to decipher a complex SMS. Make sure you use simple language that is easy to understand and process.

Remember that the message has to be short. That said, being professional with your copy is still a good idea. The spelling of "that" as "dat" is probably not a good idea if you want to be taken seriously by your users.

Adding a personalized touch to your messages

Personalization of content based on past purchase behavior will get you more conversions from your communications. Personalization isn't just using the users' names in your messages there is a lot more to it.

This makes the users feel important because they feel that you understand their individual needs, rather than sending mass tailored campaigns to them. It also makes your communications more human.

Using powerful words

There are important words in marketing that evoke certain emotions in users. These are called power words that can be employed to make the SMS copy stronger.

Some examples of powerful words along with the emotions that they bring out in the users:

  • You, your: used to personalize your content
  • Hurry, limited period: used for urgency
  • Sales, save, free, discount, offer: used to indicate special deals and offers

Using catchy CTAs

Your SMS recipients are looking for answers that tell them what to do with the information they just received. A strong call-to-action can mean the difference between getting a conversion and being left on reading.

Some examples of good CTAs:

  • Buy Now
  • Sign Up Now
  • Start Free Trial
  • Book a Demo
  • Order Now
  • Get Early Access
  • Explore More

Incorporating an opt-out option

According to the guidelines by SMS marketing regulators, you need to have the consent of your users before you can start sending out communications to them. This is called an opt-in.

It is also important that the users have an option to opt out of these communications if they think that they are not relevant to them. It is better to exclude these users than to keep bombarding them with your SMS campaigns.

Automation makes this process easier. You can simply set up autoresponders on certain keywords like "STOP" when sent to a special code that will exclude the user from future communications and inform them.

Read about Text Message Automation in detail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can SMS marketing be promoted?

There are a lot of ways to promote your SMS marketing. To begin with, simply focus on the SMS copy content, your customers' requirements, proper segmentations, the time to trigger the SMS, and analytics.

Is SMS marketing effective?

SMS marketing has an open rate of > 95% in most cases which proves that it is highly effective. Of course, you need to plan your SMS strategy well in order for it to perform well for you.

What should be included in SMS marketing?

Some of the areas that demand focus in SMS marketing:

  • Opt-in and opt-out mechanisms
  • User segmentation
  • SMS copy
  • Call-to-actions
  • Tracking KPIs
  • Course correction