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Grow Your eCommerce Revenue with Pop-ups

Published on:
July 19, 2022

What is an exit pop-up?

An exit pop-up is a pop-up that gets triggered when the user has an intention of exiting or leaving the current site. It is sort of a last resort to capture the user's attention in some way or another to keep them on the website.

These pop-ups appear when the visitor is about to reach the X button on the browser and usually cover most of the screen but can be customized according to your requirements.

Pop-ups are often considered intrusive, but if executed properly, they may bring in some good results for you. An excellent example would be sharing a promotional offer using an exit pop-up that displays a 25% discount on all purchases using a promo code. This grabs the user's attention once again because it helps them save a good amount of money if they buy from you.

4 Effective Types of Pop-Ups You Should Use on Your E-commerce Site

Pop-ups are important tools that get the marketing job done. They are useful in converting web visitors into paying users, especially if you are a Shopify merchant. There are countless examples of reported increases in sign-ups, clicks, and conversions after innovative pop-ups made with modern marketing techniques were used.

It is not as complicated as it may appear to be. You can start using pop-ups on your e-commerce website even if you are not a marketing expert.

We will discuss 4 effective types of pop-ups that you can use on your e-commerce site to get those results quickly. Let us begin!

Discounts that are enticing in return for newsletter sign-ups

Offering a good discount is one of the oldest tricks in the book to increase your conversion numbers.

Visitors are more likely to engage with your pop-up if they get something like this in return which is why it is an excellent way to increase top-of-the-funnel leads and get more newsletter sign-ups.

Apply time-limited offers to prevent visitors from bouncing

A limited period offers urgency and the fear of quickly missing out on getting more conversions.

If your pop-up explicitly mentions that the offer will expire in the next 2 hours, customers are put in a place where they have to make a decision quickly. You can increase the text's emphasis "Avail 15% off on your bill if you order within the next 15 minutes" by adding a countdown within the pop-up.

Increase your memberships with engaging, multistep pop-ups

Multistep pop-ups work well because they keep the users engaged for longer and maintain their interest in your product or services.

The first step can be simple: asking them if they are interested in availing of an offer, getting access to free resources, or coupons for future purchases. Post that, the user can be presented with an email address request.

Personalized messaging to "wow" repeat customers

Personalization always gets better results than generic campaigns. It is difficult for new visitors to personalize content because you do not know their interests yet.

However, in the case of repeat customers or retargeting, the site and the pop-up content can be personalized and customized for individual users or segments because you now know what they want.

Design Advice for Pop-up Forms for High Conversion Rates

You do not need to be a designer to make a top-notch pop-up form that converts. You need to use the tools available at your disposal efficiently.

Certain design practices are considered good to drive up conversion rates. Let us go over some of them:

Embedding pictures in your form

Pictures create a more lasting impression than simple text and are easy for the brain to process. You should insert high-quality images of your products with a prominent call-to-action button with clear text that is visible.

Make sure that the picture inserted in the form is of the correct dimensions and test how it looks on different devices before making it live.

Do not include too many fields in your form

Human beings have selective attention and retention spans. If you add too many elements in your pop-up, chances are the users may not even go through them all. This leaves them confused about the purpose of the pop-up, and you do not want that.

Make sure that you only ask for relevant fields from the user so that it is easier for them to share those details with you without feeling overwhelmed. 

Stay on brand

Your pop-ups should always complement your website's and brand's look and feel. Pop-ups might prove to be counterproductive if they look odd.

Always follow the brand book and guidelines so that the pop-ups you create look visually appealing and, at the same time, get the conversion rates up.

Make it simple for users to expel pop-up forms

Some marketers avoid using pop-ups because they consider them to be intrusive. This may be quite true if the campaigns are not appropriately handled.

Always make sure that the close (x) icon or button is visible and accessible for the users so that they can continue doing what they were doing on your website before the pop-up gets triggered, in case they are not interested in participating.

Wrapping up

Pop-ups can be used to increase leads in your email subscriber list, distribute free resources, reduce abandoned carts, and keep the web visitors engaged and interested in your site for a longer period of time.

You can choose the pop-up trigger as per your requirement. You can also add delays in your pop-ups. Make sure to add attractive creatives in your pop-ups and to keep the text limited to only the relevant information. Always make it easy for the users to exit the pop-up so that the user experience is not ruined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does an email pop-up work?

Absolutely. Email pop-ups are known to increase the size of your email subscriber list substantially. You have to ensure that the pop-ups are relevant, visually appealing, easy to complete, and easy to exit.

How successful are pop-ups?

Pop-ups are extremely successful if they are planned, triggered, and managed effectively. Studies have shown that top pop-ups have conversion rates >20% which is more than other forms of capturing information.

What is a good pop-up conversion rate?

A good pop-up conversion rate is around 10-15%, while high-performing pop-ups can still go much higher than that.

Make sure to focus on important design concepts mentioned in the article above to increase your conversion rates.